Corporate Network

Click Connect provides network solutions as a full service covering all the customer’s needs: mapping and analysis, design, installation and maintenance of the solution. In creating the network, we only use high-quality network equipment by world-renowned manufacturers.

  • Wired local area network (LAN) or LAN solution – a network solution connecting network devices in a restricted area. The local area network allows the employees to share the office resources such as computers, printers, scanners etc.
  • Secure wide area network (WAN) – or wide network solution – is a network solution connecting devices that are physically far from each other.
  • Wireless internet connection (WIFI).


Mapping and analysis
Every network solution requires prior planning and mapping. In the course of the consultation we discuss the wishes and concerns of the customer and analyse the possible optimum network solutions.

Developing the network solutions
We provide LAN or local area network, WAN or wide area network and also WIFI or wireless network connection solutions. Click Connect uses only high-quality network equipment by world-renowned manufacturers. We agree on the manufacturer’s guarantee and maintenance terms and include further support services for improved functioning.

Network solution installation and implementation
This stage includes various services related to the installation of the network solution, including the installation and configuration of the network devices. Once the network solution is installed, thorough tests are undertaken and eliminate any possible errors.

Operation and maintenance
Click Connect will provide administrative and maintenance services for the installed solutions. We will conduct monitoring and troubleshooting, if necessary, to ensure the seamless operation of the solution. The maintenance service often includes also regular reports or meetings providing feedback on the previous period and agreeing on the plans for the next period.